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[mod] HelpCommand

Post by Xango2000 » Tue Jan 08, 2019 12:22 pm

A simple mod to use the textbox to display useful information about mods, server rules and whatever else the server staff wants.

displays all the text in the help.txt file in the HelpCommand's folder

displays a text box with a list of all the first line of all the mod's help.txt files from their main directory

/help [modname]
displays the Help.txt from That mod's folder
you may use Any nickname to call it up
see line 2 of this help.txt document (must be Line 2 of the help.txt)
example: /help VirtualBackpack

Read these next lines very carefully
displays the text found in the Main.txt file of this mod's "rules" subfolder (server staff may add more subfolders)
Example: /rules
Note: folder names must be all lowercase

/rules 1
displays the text found in the 1.txt file of this mod's "Rules" subfolder (server staff may add more Files)
Example:/bacon Yummy
displays the text found in Yummy.txt located in the bacon folder

Future Plans:
Add a way to send the dialog box to another player (GM+ and Trusted players)

Put the HelpCommand folder with it's contents into your Mods folder
Empyrion - Dedicated Server\Content\Mods\HelpCommand

then create as many folders in HelpCommand as you want with as many files in each folder as you want
Note: folder names must be in all lowercase

in each Mod folder create a help.txt file if it doesn't exist. The first 2 lines are important
Line 1 is displayed when a player does /Mods
Line 2 must start with Nicknames:
If a player says /help followed by a nickname from Any of those Help files then that help file's contents are displayed

HelpCommand v0.0.3.zip
Version 0.0.3
(6.7 KiB) Downloaded 43 times
Project abandoned do to lack of user feedback

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