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[mod] Mailbox

Post by Xango2000 » Thu Mar 28, 2019 5:48 am

Currently in beta testing, thought I'd go ahead and start writing the forum post.

Screenshot of Sending items window

Screenshot of Reading a message with Multiple Coordinates

Commands list:
/mail [player] [message]
then add items and click send

/mlm.new [player]
starts a multiline message

/mlm.cc [player]
adds a player to the recipients list

/mlm.nl [message]
adds a line to the message

adds your current coordinates to the message

Sends the message

This single command reads messages, one message per /inbox so you will have to spam it if you have multiple messages in your queue.

1. The whole player name in not necessary, any unique fragment will work so long as it is unique to a single player.

2. /mlm.loc records your Current coordinates... you can have more than one, and they dont have to be on the same playfield.

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